"I am a man who believes with all fervor and intensity
in moderate progress. Too often men who believe in
moderation believe in it only moderately and tepidly
and leave fervor to the extremists of the two sides -
the extremists of reaction and the extremists of progress.
Washington, Lincoln . . . are men who, to my mind, stand
as the types of what wide, progressive leadership should be."
-Theodore Roosevelt-

Essentially a grass-roots organization, C.I.V.I.C., the "COALITION OF INDEPENDENT VOTERS FOR AN INFORMED CITIZENRY" consists of a growing group of citizens committed to reclaiming our country and returning sanity to our government.

Our mission, as is spelled out on the various pages of this website, is to organize a network of independent voters to support and promote the best interests of the citizens of this nation, including the often forgotten 35% or so of the electorate that considers itself independent.

The vision of this current endeavor is intended to find an avenue, short of establishing ourselves into a political party, that might discover, coordinate and enhance the alignment between independent voters and independent candidates, thereby effectuating an empowerment of both entities that has not previously existed.

Our efforts are based upon a recognition of the fact that independent voters have in the past, comprised a critical "Swing Vote" that has had the potential to decide almost any election.

Obviously we are just getting started and are just now in the process of attempting to identify and make contact with those among us who are not only frustrated by the direction that our government is being taken, but are also motivated to see if there isn't something that we can do about it !

You should realize that you have already taken the first step by just taking the time to view the material on this website! The next step would be assist us in getting this message out to the public.  One simple way to do this would be to simply refer others to this website.  As an alternative, you might download some of this material and e-mail it to those that you know that that you think might have a similar interest in taking our country back.  And to those that you know that do not have internet access, by simply running a hard copy for them, you  will have assisted in the entire circulation process.

The bottom line is that we welcome your thoughts and your ideas and we appreciate any suggestions that you may have.  So, why not join us, and become one of this growing group of citizens committed to reclaiming our country and returning sanity to our government !

"Independence".....because it just may be the new "ticket" to ride !!!

Coalition of independent voters for an informed citizenry seeks to coordinate the political power of non-bi-partisan aligned, third and minor party citizens into a non-polarized electoral swing vote.